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Celluloid Figures

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Mechanical Celluloid Toys


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Read the description carefully as information about condition, working order( if applicable), size, vintage and my personal opinions and observations will be mentioned there.

As far as the photos are concerned, I include views from all angles (if applicable), try to focus on any defects and generally let you see the toy as if you were inspecting it in person. That said, sometimes photos make things look better and sometimes worse. When a picture of a small item is blown up to a large size all kinds of defects seem to jump out at you...like looking at your skin in a magnifying mirror. The actual item seen by the naked eye, especially our aging eyes, often looks better than the photo.

Your satisfaction is always important to me. If you are unhappy about the condition of a toy you get I am happy to give a full refund or exchange it if that is possible. Things do get past my notice sometimes (those aging eyes).


Celluloid Figures

Set of 4 Japanese Celluloid Baseball Players

2.5 inches (6.4 cm) tall

Good Plus

There are four celluloid baseball figures in this set. Each is 2.5 inches tall. You get one batter and three pitchers or fielders. The numbers on the back of their uniforms are all different (1, 6,7 and 8). Condition is good plus with some paint wear. They do not stand without help. I usually use some FunTak or museum wax for this purpose.




Set of 4

Pre-War Japanese Celluloid Santa with Black Doll and Zeppelin in Stockings

7 inches (18 cm) tall


There is that wonderful pre-war Japanese Santa face again. The tall (7 inch) celluloid figure carries the usual sack over his shoulder but also has a couple of silver stockings in his other hand. A Black doll and a zeppelin toy are showing at the top of the stockings. There is a deep dent in the toe of one stocking, a crease on the back of the sack and the back heels of Santa's boots are dented in. He still stands steadily despite this. Otherwise the colors are bright and the molded details in the celluloid are well defined. This figure can be a bit harder to find.



Japanese Celluloid Santa Claus Roly Poly

4.5 inches (11.5 cm) tall


There are quite a few Santa Claus roly poly figures in composition and celluloid but not that many are Japanese. This example is 4.5 inches tall. The Santa has a beautiful face, a forked beard and a wrapped present sticking out of the sack slung over his shoulder. The weighted base causes him to wobble around but always return to the upright position. Condition is very good with only a small hole in the celluloid under the base. It is not visible and does not influence the roly poly action.



Occupied Japan Celluloid Santa with Bear in Pack

6 inches (15 cm) tall


This long coat celluloid Santa was made in Occupied Japan. He is a good size at 6 inches tall and although he has the usual lantern and sack, the sack has the head of a teddy bear peeking out. Condition is excellent with no dents or cracks. He stands without help.



Pre-War Japanese Celluloid Santa with Tan Pack

5.75 inches (14.5 cm) tall


I love the face of this pre-war Japanese walking Santa....... so Oriental looking. He is carting a tan sack over his shoulder. No breaks but there is a tiny dimple on the end of his nose, a small hole in the outside seam of his left boot and what could be shallow dents on his left knee (that or folds in the pants). Some spots of discoloration on seams and white areas.



Black Native Celluloid Mask

5.25 inches (13.5 cm) wide 6.25 inches (15.5 cm) tall


This vintage celluloid mask is not marked but since I bought it in Japan I will guess that it was manufactured there.

The boyish face has cut-out holes for the eyes and hand painted details. The original elastic (although aged and stretched ) is still attached. There is no damage to the celluloid.



Pre-War Japanese Celluloid Santa Holding Basket of Flowers

6 and 3/8 inches (16.2 cm) tall


This pre-war Japanese celluloid figure is another variation on the usual. Along with the sack over his back he carries a basket of flowers with a wrapped present inside. Another difference is the doll peeking out of the sack on his back. The celluloid figure is a good size at almost 6.5 inches and the molded details in the celluloid are sharp. He stands steadily with no help needed. Condition is excellent with no defects.



Japanese Norakuro (Black Dog) Mask

7 inches wide, 9 inches tall


Black Dog or Norakuro is a Japanese character who has been around since the 1930's. I am not sure of the age of this mask but it is probably from a much more recent date (70's ? 80's?).

The material is a rigid but slightly flexible celluloid -like plastic. Condition is very good with small splits at a few spots along the edges.The mask is a good size but still fits a child-size face best. A paper label says Kodansha (a Japanese anime publishing company).



Japanese Celluloid Head Witch Lantern

4.5 inches (11.3 cm) tall


Battery operated lanterns were a popular Japanese item. Some of the later ones were painted milk-glass, mostly Santas. The celluloid ones were usually Halloween: a witch head, jack-o-lantern, devil head and the hard to find black cat head. A battery goes in the base. This example of the witch head is in excellent condition.



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Mechanical Celluloid Toys

Occupied Japan Wind-Up Celluloid Santa with Bell and Nodding Head

4.5 inches ( 11.5 cm) tall


The Occupied Japan version of the celluloid Santa holding a bell and with a sack over his shoulder is much shorter than the pre-war one. He also has a westernized face with wide round eyes. The toy rolls forward when wound with the attached key. The Santa moves in a circle and the slightly jerky movement causes the head to nod and the bell to swing (you can't really hear it ring). Colors seem a bit washed out, especially on the face. How much of that is how it was painted and how much can be fading is not clear because the red of Santa's suit is fine.



Celluloid Wind-Up Drummer in Plain Box

10 inches (24.5 cm) tall

EX in Box

This 10 inch tall all celluloid drummer toy stands on a wooden base. The drum is removable so that the toy fits in the plain cardboard box. When the drum is attached and the toy is wound with the attached key, the drummer's arms move and the sticks strike the drum as his head moves from side to side. Condition is very good to excellent. The celluloid colors are good and there are no dents or cracks. The mechanism works well. The toy is marked on the underside of the wooden base ( the word Japan can be faintly seen) but strangely not in the celluloid . This should be a pre-war toy so perhaps it had a paper label.




Pre-War Japan Troika Celluloid Santa Sled Wind-Up in Box

10.5 inches (26.6 cm) long

EX in box

This large and impressive Pre-War Japanese all celluloid Santa sled is called Troika. The label on the box is missing a section (eaten by mice?). You can see two deer in the picture; there must have been three (troika, get it). As with many Japanese toys, box artwork and toy only have a passing resemblance. The single celluloid deer is brown and much larger than his prancing white brothers. Even though his legs are straight he still bobs up and down as the sled rolls forward (in a circle, of course). The conditon is excellent. Celluloid colors are bright, there are no cracks, dents or other problems and the mechanism works well.



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