Grades of Condition

I can not stress stongly enough how important it is to carefully read the description and study the photos. I try to be strict in describing the condition of the toys I sell and try to mention any flaws that are especially noticeable within the item description. Sometimes my eyesight misses a flaw but the photos usually pick them up. Enlarged photos, espescially of small objects, make even small flaws seem horrible (think of your skin seen in a magnifying mirror) when to the naked eye they are barely noticable.

Notice that I rarely call any toy Mint. Even NOS (new old stock that was never sold in a retail store but has been in storage since being manufactured) can have condition issues. If stored under poor conditions the box and even the toy may show defects. Age takes its toll or there may be factory touch-up which is very obvious. That is mentioned in the description. If boxed, the condition of the box will be stated seperately in the description. Any repairs to the toy or box will also be mentioned in the description. In the case of mechanical toys and even whistles and clickers, condition refers to their look but they will be in proper working order unless noted otherwise in the description.

If you receive any item and are unhappy with its condition, you have a return privilege of seven days. The return shipping will be paid by the buyer.

However, you must contact me first before returning any items.


EX+ (Excellent+): Unused condition! This toy has little or no signs of handling and is in the condition it would have been in when it came from the manufacturer. Even then there could be small scratches from handling during manufacture but they will not be obvious. If these scrapes or scratches were touched up at the factory it will be very obvious as the paint used for this touch-up never exactly matched the original litho. Most collectors take factory touch-up in stride.

EX (Excellent) : Clean and bright with limited wear. Age related wear: box rubs where a toy has had contact with the box or cardboard inserts and minor scratches from contact with other toys in multi toy boxes are possible. This toy may have been touched by a child (horrors!) resulting in minor play wear. Not perfect, but there are no major flaws and it will display beautifully.

VG+ (Very Good +): Somewhere between VG and Excellent in condition.

VG (Very Good): This is a used toy, but the surface is generally clean and bright. Upon closer inspection it will certainly show signs of use. The toy will have some (but probably not all) of the following flaws: general wear, small scratches or scrapes, wear along the edges, light age discoloration or slight fading. The toy will still display nicely, with no major flaws.

Good+ : Somewhere between Good and VG in condition.

Good : Still presentable, but this a well-used toy or one with noticeable flaws. The toy will probably have some (but probably not all) of the following flaws: general wear, soiling which may or may not be cleanable, color fading, slight rust stains (especially on the back side of whistles or the spring steel of clickers), light rust in a small area, rough feel to the litho surface but no obvious rust showing, litho or paint loss in a small area.

Fair : Heavy wear and a number of noticeable flaws. The toy will probably have some (but likely not all) of the following flaws: extensive general wear, numerous scratches,scrapes and loss to the litho surface, the dreaded rust that you can actually see and feel, serious color fading , heavy soiling that may never clean up. Needs restoration, but it may do until a better example comes along.

Poor : Major problems and countless flaws. We do not offer toys in this condition except when they are so rare that the chance of finding a better one is slim to none.



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