I have been collecting and selling vintage toys since 1978. My mother actually ran an antique shop and began selling toys before then so my interest ran in the family. As an artist, I was especially attracted to the Japanese toys with their whimsical look, bright colors and great action. I began to collect examples of Japanese toys from the early 1950's and soon everything in my collections was Japanese, including the Halloween and Santa collections.

I was drawn to the bizarre items with excessive irrelevant decorations (comic animals, flowers, musical notes, rockets, planets, stars, lightning bolts), combinations of what I termed 50's colors (red, orange, turquoise blue, lime green and cream) and designs and patterns in place of solid colors. The more the better!

At one time I had collections of small cars, motorcycles and scooters, buses, small airplanes, robots and space toys, Halloween toys and candy containers, Santa Claus toys, celluloid figures and candy containers, Pre-War Japanese toys, Japanese novelty toys (an all encompassing category!), Japanese sand pails, Pre-War Japanese whistles and basically anything Japanese and toy related that had the wonderful 50's colors and bizarre look that I loved.

Some of my collections are already gone, and some have been reduced in size, but an awful lot remains and I am attempting to list it all on this site. Everything is for sale because I will not be around forever. It is time to allow others the joy of seeing and perhaps owning some of the most wonderful toys ever produced.

I hope you enjoy your visit!




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